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"Eddie Munster" Butch Patrick

Star of The Munsters (Eddie), Butch Patrick was in Lawrence, KS at 1313 Mockingbird Lane this evening... no, not that 1313 Mockingbird Lane, but rather the local vintage and modern toy store of the same name.

Although it wasn't the first time meeting him, this time I was able to get a couple of pics (Thanks Liz) with Butch in front of my Herman/Egon painting (see below) on the front of the store. Also had to have him sign my Munster, Go Home poster. He said to send one of those pictures to his pal Rich Koz (Svengoolie), so maybe I'll get lucky and show up on Svengoolie some time in the future.

Despite having a robust list of acting credits, Butch Patrick is most well known for portraying Eddie Munster on the iconic television series The Munsters (1964-66), and the full length feature Munster, Go Home (1966)


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