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Vintage Horror Comics? What?

I've delved into the world of horror comics lately, most of which are from Marvel and DC in the 1970's. Yes, that wonderful Bronze Age with covers that leap off the wall in their creative and spooktacular greatness. I've collected a handful of vintage books including Son of Satan, Werewolf by Night, Monster of Frankenstein, Scarecrow, Morbius, Swamp Thing, Man-Thing, Invisible Man, Tomb of Dracula and more. I also picked up the two recent Marvel Horror Omnibuses and another monster-themed book. Plus, I'm studying up on other monster merch, including that Universal Monsters Frankenstein novel (I'm looking for the whole lot, but wow, expensive!) Why the horror comics, you ask? Stay tuned! I think it's safe to say we've got some horror comics coming your way! But for now, here are some of my favorite pickups this week!

I'm sort of looking for all of the appearances of Marvel's Scarecrow. Not pictured here is the Dead of Night #11, his first appearance in the Bronze Age. I'm watching for Tales of Suspense #51 (from 1959), but that one is pretty pricey. I also found a copy of Ghost Rider #38 which featured Scarecrow. Any others I should get my hands on?

Next Saturday, May 7th, is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! Come back to Cereal Creatures for an exclusive look at some of our upcoming comics and pick up a free digital comic from us!


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