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Saturday Afternoon Haul - Wednesday Edition

No, it's not Saturday (unfortunately), but we are doing a mid-week, Wednesday Afternoon Haul (?) and we do have another haul with Slasher Design scheduled for this Saturday!

Ok, so what did we find on our latest Wal-Mart venture?

Universal Monsters is back with a second edition of NECA Toy Capsules. I didn't open the first edition (they were orange, btw), but I may pop one of these open and see what's actually in them. They remind me of those trinkets you used to get at the front of a department store or supermarket. They mostly don't exist--except in some Dollar Tree's. And what did I spy in my local Dollar Tree’s toy dispenser—at 75 cents a pop? A DC Comics, Tim Drake Robin bouncy ball. No, I didn’t go for it, but I can’t say I wasn’t tempted.

In the regular toy section, I found a McFarlane figure I wasn't even aware was coming out--Superboy Prime! He actually looks pretty good and although I'd much rather have a Connor Kent version of Superboy, this was too unique to pass up. Over in the mark down aisle, I found a Robin figure. It wasn't a DC Comics proper figure, it was LeBron James from the Space Jam 2 movie. For $3.50, it is a Robin, so I guess it's collection worthy.

Now, I didn't really have any expectations from the NECA/collectibles section, but it was a Mego week! I was on the hunt for a "Mole People" for Slasher Design, but I also saw one of MY favorite characters, Universal Monster's The Invisible Man. And it looks really good! I even picked up an extra one for my work office. They had quite a few Mole men (?), so I picked up one of those for myself, too. I've not seen the movie, but I do like the art on the back. They also had a Toxic Avenger, but, like the Mole People man, I wasn't that big of a fan of the character and I've never seen the movies.

But it didn't end there--as the local Wal-Mart also had these Mego double packs. They had. one with Young Frankenstein (I think?), but this one with the Wolf Man and The Fly looked really good and I've never seen the figures separate.

I will say, the collectibles section was really well-stocked at this country Wal-Mart. They even had the TMNT movie figures, but there was no way I had room for those right now. The toy section was pretty horrible though and pretty bare. No Marvel Legends, no 90's style Spider-Man or Fantastic Four. I did find a few McFarlane "Three Jokers" buried at the top of the shelves, but no "The Batman" stuff yet here. The wait continues.

And finally, I traveled down the aisle and back again only to find more of these weird little Golden Girls stylized things. I've previously found bookmark clips, mini-magnets and a button that plays audio clips from the show, but now I found finger puppets. Sure, why not?


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