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Saturday Afternoon Haul - October 22, 2022

It's almost Halloween! But for this Saturday's Afternoon Haul, we're going to catch up on some non-horror merch.

First up, it's Star Trek's The Gorn! A plushie Gorn! This cuddly lizard comes from Target and yes, he speaks. But I don't have a universal translator, so I only hear native Gornese.

We like unique things here at Cereal Creatures and this mini Batman Beyond certainly counts. From Walmart, this strange Imaginext toy's art didn't convince me it was supposed to be Terry McGinnis, but a look at the figure itself definitely says Batman Beyond.

But that's not all that fits into the unique category. We have our first Christmas ornament of the season with this Funko Batman. And even more Batman is repped here with this Five Below pickup of a new design for the Caped Crusader. Side note: this new Spin Master line features a new Robin, too--but Five Below didn't have it and I can't find it online. The back of the card preview (shown below) seems to show a redesign Boy Wonder.

And finally, I've resisted picking up any of the classic TMNT line, but when I had the opportunity to pickup Raph on sale, I could't resist.

Look at these thrift store loose figures. Batman!

And the last of our haul brings new Spin Masters DC figures and a few new additions to our Robin collection. First up, is Solomon Grundy. This figure is thicc and a pretty good sculpt of the swamp zombie! The two Robins include a previous wave recolor (in yellow), which we'll call Damian since he's hooded. And then with the new wave we've got an almost all-black version and we'll give this one to Tim.


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