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Saturday Afternoon Haul - March 12, 2022

Today's post is a Bat-heavy haul with a little Ghostbusters along with it.

We start off with two DC McFarlane figures--from a Walgreens haul, no less! The one on the right is last year's Nightwing release. It's a great figure and I knew I had to get another one while I had the chance. The former Boy Wonder appears on the right as the just-release Gotham Knights version (yes, at Walgreens!). We've previously reviewed the Tim Drake version, but I didn't think I'd get the Nightwing version so soon. It looks like a great figure and I'm happy I decided to stop and do a quick haul at a store I rarely find anything worthy of Saturday Afternoon Haul.

Taking a break from the DC Universe, I picked up Podcast, from this version of the Hasbro Ghostbusters figures. Podcast is, of course, from Ghostbusters: Afterlife, but the reason I picked it up is the Bug Eye ghost! I was always a fan of that spook, but never got its toy (not the 80's version or the recent re-release). This may be a mini version, but I'm happy to finally own a Bug Eye ghost (one version of the other).

We don't normally showcase non-figures here, but check out these "The Batman" socks from Wal-Mart. Now, I've seen really cool "The Batman" displays at Wal-Mart's online. My Wal-Mart, unfortunately has a pretty dismal short bus version of a display--as in it's half the size of the nice ones. There are no McFarlane figures and the merch is pretty lame. These socks were the best looking thing there. The only other thing that looked cool--little kids version of boxer shorts. Yeah, that's what we get at our Wal-Mart. But hey, we got cool socks!

The last thing I picked up from "The Batman" was this Spin Master 12" figure. It's okay--I love the Batsuit design, but I'd honestly rather have had the McFarlane version. But for a Batfan, this will do. This is the Wingsuit version and I'm honestly not sure if there was a different version. They had a lot of Batman and Selina Kyle--and not much else.


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