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Saturday Afternoon Haul - June 24, 2023

This weekend our haul is all over the place! We snag two figures from two lines that I've long wanted to get a hold of. Plus, we complete our Star Trek Playmates collection and we've got a Batman I've long sought out. Check them out!

Starting with the caped Crusader. This is the Batman from Earth 2, specifically from the Earth 2 comic series that was part of the New 52. I believe this was Thomas Wayne as the Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman of that Earth were all killed by Darkseid's forces pretty early on making room for a new-origin JSA. Regardless, I love the red detailing that speaks to the Batman Beyond look but retains the traditional cape and cowl. Some of the recent McFarlane Toys Batmen have been retreads that I've not picked up, but this one looked so good I couldn't pass it up.

Next up is another Batman family member. This is the Funko version of Nightwing from the video came Gotham Knights.

The Playmates line of Star Trek toys has been...interesting. They've been divided up between Walmart and Target. The Prodigy toys never even made it to stores and I've seen no signs of any new figures coming out. So what's up? Regardless, I'm completing my collection of this run with Star Trek: Discovery's Michael Burnham figure that I randomly found in Target. The sculpt is okay--actually all of the figures have been good. I just don't understand what Playmates is doing. Are they targeting these at adult collectors, kids or just whoever will buy them?

The next two are figures from lines I've never even seen in local stores. First up is from the Peanuts Super7 line--Violet. Now, my local Walmart out of nowhere had two figures. This one and the two kids dressed as a ghost. I would've preferred the latter, but it's packaging was so beaten up, it would've had little value. This one was in okay shape and I really just got it because I love the packaging design. It's so 1960's Halloween that there was no way I'd pass it up.

Peanuts front

Peanuts Back packaging

And finally, I traveled down the road and back again and found this Rose Nylund figure straight from the 80's! From NECA, this unique collectible captures Betty White's likeness perfectly and is a great rendition of the Golden Girls dimwitted St. Olafian. Does anyone else feel like a cheesecake?

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