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Saturday Afternoon Haul - June 3, 2023

It's a wacky Saturday Afternoon Haul this week with a pretty wide range of figures. The newly released Star Trek: Prodigy toys are first up. These are the first four in the line from Playmates. The sculpting is quite accurate and mirrors that of the animated series. This wave features Dal (with Murf), Zero (the Medusan), Gwyndala, and the Tellarite engineer, Jankom Pog. Don't worry, Rok and hologram Janeway should be along eventually.

Straight out of the new Spider-Man movie comes the Titan Hero version of Spider-Man 2099. My favorite web crawler, this 12" figure is great for displaying. Although, the box says his name is Miguel O'Shea. I've only ever known this future state Spider-man as being Miguel O'Hara.

And our last figure is TMNT's Wingnut and Screwloose. From the same line as last week's Shredder and Foot Soldier, this is the last of the new wave at my local Walmart (I skipped the frog)--and missed out on Baxter Stockman. These figures look like they came out of the 1980's with their sculpts, colors and most importantly the retro packaging.


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