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New Comics Released!

Check out four great new OD Comics releases for October!

Starting off with our annual Seamen and Satellites Halloween anthology featuring ghosts, a story with Peanuts inspired art and more!

Then, we launch our new shared universe or Retroverse!

Night Cock #1 - our #1 NEW series returns

to ask the question "What would a real life superhero vigilante look like?" You may not want to know the answer.

Teen Satan #7 - continues our #1 ongoing series as our devilish hero must stop an killer angel--and team up with his heaven-sent counterpart!

And finally, if you a Robin fan, we have a not-so-boy-wonder character for you! We jump 50 years into the future of the Retroverse with The New Young Ward #1!

Plus, each book has a preview art of the new and upcoming comics!

All books are Amazon Kindle exclusives!


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