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Holiday Toy Haul - Dec. 2, 2023

We think Santa's bag had a tear and dumped a heap of figures under our proverbial tree! Our Thanksgiving week haul is on display!

First up, the Five Below exclusive Funko Minis Spider-Man 2099.

Spider-man 2099

From Target, the chase version of the McFarlane Toys Batman: The Animated Series Scarecrow.


From GameStop, the black-suited, Batman '89-inspired Super Powers Batman, also from McFarlane Toys.

Super Powers Batman

Two Funkos: The Batman/Hush mashup and a diaper-clad Tommy Pickles from Rugrats.

Rugrats and Batman Funk's

McFarlane Toys Jim Gordon as Batman.

Jim Gordon as Batman figure

Jim Gordon as Batman

Another McFarlane entry, this time it's DC's Supergirl!


And finally, I found the Joker-ized Red Robin in store!

Red Robin

Red Robin artwork

And finally, the red-shirted version of Casey Jones from NECA version of the TMNT comic figures.

Casey Jones in red shirt


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