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Saturday Afternoon Haul - November 13, 2023 (Monday Edition)

We're still recovering from Halloween Haunt, but we've got another Bat and monster themed haul today! And yes, we're two days late.

I've never subscribed to Disney+, but I was excited to see the Werewolf By Night Halloween special from last year show up on Hulu this year. Stylistically shot in black and white to harken back to the classic 30's and 40's monster movies, we saw a different side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe--and a welcome one. Some of those characters are now available to own via Funko Pop! figures! I picked up the over-sized Ted (aka Man-Thing, or as I prefer Giant-Size Man-Thing). I also grabbed the titular shaggy hero, the Werewolf himself.

Man-Thing Pop

Werewolf by Night

Funko Pop Werewolf by Night figures

I've been a fan of the NECA TMNT comic book-style figures, but have resisted picking them up. I wasn't sure how to display them and there were never any that stood out enough to justify the cost. That changed when I saw this Splinter figure in the local Walmart. I mean, sure, its a great figure and you get accessories--incluidng a little Utrom/Kraang thing, but the thing that connected for me was how much it reminded me of that original Playmates version from years ago (and the reissue more recently). The box art is cool, as well, and so far is the winner in this line for me.

NECA Splinter

NECA Splinter art

NECA Splinter back

This Batman, from McFarlane Toys and designed after the Arkham Asylum series, was in the clearance aisle! Who can pass up Batman at 40% off?

Arkham Knight Batman

There are times when I'm out looking for new and interesting things that fit into my portfolio of interests that make me do a double take. This plus version of Beatrice Arthur's Dorothy Zbornak from Kidrobot did just that. I wasn't sure what I was even looking at. I had to find the tag to make sure this was an actual Golden Girl. Dorothy had some really gaudy 80's outfits, but I don't recall her ever wearing anything like this. I may be wrong, but a stuffed Dorothy Zbornak in a striped onesie was not on my list of things to look for--but I'm happy to have found it. Now, who thinks I should find Blanche next?

Dorothy Zbornak


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