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Halloween Haunt 2023: New Comics Update! Return to Apple Books!

Halloween Haunt 2023 #1 Cereal Creatures cover

Halloween Haunt is in full swing! We've released three of our newest comics on Amazon Kindle. But that's not all! We've now got printed editions of each premiere issue available, too! And to make it extra special, the printed Halloween Haunt #1 comes with an exclusive Cereal Creatures cover!

Halloween Haunt 2023 #1 printed edition (Cereal Creatures exclusive cover)

Teen Satan Squad

We've also published our first book on Apple Books--Teen Satan Squad! This is technically our second following the very first Green Owl collection, but Teen Satan Squad was our 2020 young adult graphic novel and we're excited to bring it to Apple Books as we return to the platform!

Teen Satan Squad (Apple Books edition)

Teen Satan Squad (Amazon Kindle edition)

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