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Get ready for a chilling, spooky, and spine-tingling new collection of stories that celebrates the Halloween season while bringing you untold horrors all year long! Each story stands alone, but is carefully interwoven to show an unfolding narrative lurking in the background like a monster about to pounce on its victim!

This year’s stories include the origin of serial killer Charlie August as bodies pile up at a posh 1920s hotel leading up to Halloween in Hotel Charlie. Then, a sheriff in a small town begins to suspect something is amiss on All Hallow’s Eve in the middle of the 20th-century tale Halloween '52 (think Mayberry meets the Twilight Zone!). Finally, in modern times, a private detective hunting a pumpkin-headed creature is about to catch up with him—and you won’t believe how this one ends in last year’s The Final Boys follow-up “Gourd Rotter”.

The Halloween Haunt 2023 annual graphic novel delivers terrifying tales of horror from the golden age of the 1920s to mid-century Americana and ending in the pulp noir rain-soaked streets of a modern metropolis. From cover to cover, this comic is full of original, haunting art that will invoke memories of classic horror comics with a modern frightful twist! Pick this one up and we guarantee you’re in for a frightfully good time!



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