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World Exclusive Preview: ALL BOY MONSTERS: DEAD OFFENDERS (Free Comic Book Day)

We at OD Comics and Cereal Creatures are excited to give you an exclusive free preview of our newest comic series ALL BOY MONSTERS: DEAD OFFENDERS. Continuing from the concept that we introduced in our giant size one shot last year, meet the next generation of monsters turned heroes (or anti-heroes?). This spooky, action-packed new series of comics combines our love of modern superheroes like Batman and Spider-Man with the horror creatures from the Universal Monsters (with a touch of vintage, golden age public domain heroes thrown in for fun). Our heroes represent dark vigilantes as they tackle a new world of mad science. From the dirty, neon-lit streets of Justice City to the gritty reaches of the unknown, a new generation will rise up to stand between the darkness and the light. Good and evil. Gods and monsters.

Each year, we strive to give our readers a preview of what's coming next from OD Comics and this year we present this all-original comic preview featuring sci-fi, action and horror all in one. And stay-tuned to Cereal Creatures for more previews and the announcement of the upcoming titles in this new ALL BOY MONSTER universe. And now, ALL BOY MONSTERS: DEAD OFFENDERS...

ALL BOY MONSTERS: DEAD OFFENDERS continues this summer!


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