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Toy Review: Tim Drake Robin!

It's finally here! I've been holding off on this one because of our Halloween Haunt event, but it's finally time for us to show off my favorite character and newly-favorite action figure--Tim Drake, Robin!

Coming from Amazon (an exclusive as I can't find it anywhere else), this incredible figure in McFarlane's continuously exceptional 7" DC Multiverse line, put Tim in the all red suit that first appeared in the "One Year Later" storyline. He comes with his telltale bo staff and batarangs. It's a great figure (yes, I bought two).

I do have to issue a little criticism of the Robin "R". The figure includes the style usually reserved for Damian Wayne's Robin instead of the classic 90's style--which appears accurate in the artwork.

Now, I have a question--this is listed as the Red Suit Variant. So--where is the non-variant? Presumably, the non-variant is this same figure colored in the more traditional red, green, black and yellow. But McFarlane never released said figure and as far as I can tell doesn't appear to have it on its schedule to release. Perhaps an upcoming multi-pack? This is a "Gold Label" figure, which typically means there is a non-Gold Label version somewhere. More evidence to support this is in the design of this figure. You'll notice the shoulder pads are the mold of the green variety. The red suit never had these in the comics. Regardless, I want the traditional colors, too, so tell me how to get it McFarlane!

The other unique thing about this figure is the box art. Most of the DC Multiverse figures have comic book art or live action photography of the figure itself. This one is unique in that it uses promotional clip art. Pretty old clip art at that. There's nothing wrong with this, but it's the same art you would see on licensed products like coloring books from ten years ago. Now, I happen to like this art and prefer it to a lot of the crappy "Damian as Robin" clipart most products use today, but the choice to use it here surprised me.

Tim Drake, Robin, in the Red Suit variant is available now from for about $20 right now.

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