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TOY REVIEW: Batman and Robin! The Dynamic Duo from McFarlane Toys!

How about that? Another Tim Drake action figure! Coming from McFarlane Toys Super Powers line is an all-new figure and for the first time, a Robin! Batman is head to toe in his best blue and grey from the 70's. The packaging is emblazoned with the 70's era Batman logo and the whole presentation looks like something that you could pick up in K-Mart in 1988.

Robin on the other hand is the best Boy Wonder and my favorite Robin, Tim Drake. His suit is mostly that of the 1990's version. His bare arms remind me of a nod to the more recent designs for some reason, but that was always a feature of this version of the costume. The packaging includes Robin's 90's logo (still the best one) and the artwork appears to be an updated version of the generic, red-suited Tim Drake used in the late 2000's style guide. I know it's not in the spirit of the DC Super Powers design, but I kind of wish they would have done a black and yellow cape instead of all yellow. I probably would've opted for a black mask instead of green. Otherwise, both of these figures are an instant pickup and I'm really happy that McFarlane is continuing to innovate in this nostalgic line with modern flare.

As of this posting, you can pick up Batman from McFarlane Toys online store (where I pre-ordered mine). Robin was sold out. Bigbadtoystore still had Robin up for pre-order, but that was the only place I could find to still order it firsthand. Look around, I'm sure there'll be more availability in the future!


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