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The Road to Weird! Terror! Horror! #1

Weird! Terror! Horror! cover

In an era when words like weird, terror, and horror were banished from comic book titles and all things spooky, gory or spine-chilling were purged from the shelves, the world of comics suffered a creative eclipse, losing out on a generation of truly imaginative horror tales. Now, Osbourn Draw and Cereal Creatures are igniting a new wave of comics that plunge into that shadowy chapter of history, fusing horror with superheroes and reaching into our veritable coffin of terror resurrecting old favorites to reimagine our own creations as mid-century spooks. This thrilling initiative is dubbed “Weird! Terror! Horror!”—and we’re inviting all comic fans to join us on a midnight stroll through the graveyard as we usher in a new age of monsters!

“The Road to Weird! Terror! Horror!” unveils the origin stories of many of Osbourn Draw’s quintessential comics characters. Encounter the half-man, half-sasquatch Timerwatch, the formidable Savage Scarecrow, the otherworldly Human Probe, the enigmatic, mystery-solving Final Boys, and the nefarious, misguided Doctor Acid. All of our most illustrious monsters converge in one colossal anthology. Additionally, this volume includes a special, expanded edition of a Young Wards short and an all-new Sea Man origin story, exclusive to this collection. Brace yourself for “Weird! Terror! Horror!”—a fresh spin on our beloved characters, showcased in this jam-packed omnibus featuring the most captivating tales of the originals.

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