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#startrek: Who is Vadic?

Star Trek: Picard Season Three featuring the return of the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation is just a few short weeks away! We are learning a lot about what's coming--but so much is left to speculate about! Not least of which is the villains (or at least one of them) that has been reveal: Vadic played by Amanda Plummer. So, who is this person? Why does she appear to want vengeance against our heroes? And who are those bird-like aliens next to her? She appears to be aboard a raptor-esque starship called the Shrike, which itself has its targets set on the U.S.S. Titan!

But the big question is: who is Vadic? We have no inside info, but we are good at speculating, guessing and just plain making up weird theories! Warning, there could be spoilers...probably not.

  • Anij after a catastrophic incident in the Briar Patch.

  • Picard’s mom, who was actually abducted by aliens who faked her death. Surprise! She too, was one of the Travelers and always watching out for Picard from a distance.

  • A forgotten Enterprise-D crewmember who was taken by the Schisms aliens.

  • It’s Picard’s Kataanian wife, Eline, from "Inner Life" who has traveled through time from the Mirror Universe!

  • Actual Picard from an alternate universe where gender is flipped.

  • Picard’s long-lost sister, Jean-Marie Picard. (We made that person up. At least the other actually existed in some context)

  • Picard’s wife from the Nexus in “Generations”. She was a construct of what Picard envisioned as an ideal reality, right? So, logically, she would have to be based on someone Picard actually knew.

  • Commander Nella Daren from “Lessons”. Sadly, actress Wendy Hughes passed away in 2014, but maybe the character experienced something catastrophic and is now looking for vengeance against her kinda-boyfriend one Jean-Luc Picard!

  • A Bandi from the planet Deneb IV in “Encounter at Farpoint”. Years after the Enterprise visited and freed the alien lifeform they had forced to become their starbase, Deneb V crashed into Deneb IV, leaving it a wreck of a world. Starfleet thought Deneb IV was destroyed, but no it was just turned to a desert wasteland. Now, one of the survivors is angry and coming after Picard and the Federation.

  • Vadic is someone we’ve never met before but is related to or associated with someone or something that is both connected to Picard personally and to the Federation in a way that harkens back to the TV series.

Do you think any of these are spot on? Or did we leave our targeting sensors to drift a little off the mark?

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