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Osbourn Draw Comics is excited to announce the official release of two new comic series! These are not only our latest releases, but the premiere of the ALL BOY MONSTERS line! The two comics DEAD OFFENDERS and TEEN SATAN are the tentpole series and serve as a relaunch of some of our most popular characters in this exciting new project! And stay tuned as these two series are just the beginning of some great new things that we hope to be able to announce VERY soon! You can get the first issues of TEEN SATAN and DEAD OFFENDERS exclusively from Amazon right now! Both comics are mature reader titles.


A dark, dangerous evil seethes from the earth and only one boy can save the day! In this gritty, pulp noir reimagining of TEEN SATAN, the young Joshua Brandt has moved into a rural farmhouse with his mother. But amongst the cows and cornstalks lurks an ancient force of darkness. When a spooky, but darkly handsome boy appears at Joshua’s bedside one night, he learns his new home was also ground zero for a notorious backwoods serial killer. Now, possessed by the ectoplasmic forces that surge from the hallowed ground, Joshua will become the sexually-charged slayer TEEN SATAN—a superhero like no other—to challenge the unthinkable force that now haunts his home. But victory can only come at the highest price and a revelation that portends many more chilling adventures for TEEN SATAN!


In a world filled with creatures of every variety, it is an irony that the path to salvation can only be forged by humanity’s greatest creation. It’s monsters.

Decades after World War II, a young hero seeks justice for all as a caped crimefighter—a legacy inherited by his own parents—until the young man is gunned down himself along with his reporter companion.

Now, in a feat beyond belief, Jason Bronze has awoken. Seemingly resurrected by mad science, Jason is awash in distant memories of a life once lived while he tries to cope with the Frankenstein technologies that have given him a new lease on life—one he never asked for.

But the past is still prologue and the case that likely cost him his life has re-emerged as a strange, golden age supervillain is about to do the unthinkable—open a gateway to what he believes to be the afterlife. Jason Bronze, now a monster not unlike that of stage and screen, must embrace his newfound circumstances to finish his final case—one that could reveal that just through the doorway, in the darkest of shadows—a true monster awaits.


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