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Saturday Afternoon Haul - Massive "Haul-a-thon"-athon Edition

This week, we've got a special event that we're calling our "Haul-a-thon"-a-thon! We picked up a bunch of new McFarlane DC Comics figures, a lagoon full of Universal Monsters merch and much, much more!

1. Okay, here's a blast from the past. In the late '80's, Kenner released a slew of Real Ghostbusters figures and I had many of them. And then I sold them at a garage sale. So when Kenner/Hasbro brought them back a few decades later I had to grab the four Ghostbusters and Slimer. But I wasn't going to hunt down the Ecto-1 and pay way too much for it online. Jump to now and the local Wal-Mart with two perfectly good Ecto's just sitting on the shelf encouraging me to pick one of the up. Who wouldn't grab it just for the artwork?

2. You could say I targeted this next pickup--hunting it down at Target. Frankenstein's monster has some wheels in the form of a '57 Chevy Suburban from Jada Toys. I don't get the exact connection (Frankenstein took place quite a few decades before the truck was made, right?). Anyway, it looks great and the monster figure feels like it belongs right next to the spooky white suburban.

3. Right from Target's own Haul-a-thon end cap comes NECA's Mummy and Wolf Man figures. These are some of the finest looking figures I've eve seen and will join Frankenstein and the Wolf Man's black and white version. Check out that artwork!

4. Now we head to McFarlane's own Gotham City with two version of the Hazmat suit Batman (including one that lights up in the Gold Label series). We follow up the Caped Crusader with his wayward young ward featured here in two different versions of Red Hood (one from the Gotham Knights video game). And finally we couldn't resist a trip to Gotham's future with the Batman Beyond version of Batwoman (unmasked) and a blue version of Batman Beyond himself in the guides of the supervillain Inque.

5. Our sole McFarlane DC figure pickup that doesn't have a key to the Batcave is the DC Rebirth design of Wally West as The Flash.

6. Back to our Hau-a-thon by way of Target and here we have Frankenstein and Dracula plushies from Kidrobot. They are flanking a vintage pickup--Frankenstein on VHS! I won't need to be kind and rewind, however, as this is for display only!

7. The only Marvel merch to make the haul this week is the Marvel Legends Venom figure and the long-sought Human Torch figure from the Fantastic Four. While the FF figures were pretty scarce in my neck of the woods, I never even saw a Torch or Thing (still haven't seen a Thing).

8. A DC merely of pickups including a Hot Wheels adorned in 50's style Batmen (and Robin), a couple Dollar Tree finds in the form of black-suit Superman and a plushie Batman. Finishing it off with the only "The Batman" 4" figure I've picked up and the red version of 12" Nightwing from Spin Master.

9. Super7's Mummy is joined by an Entertainment Earth exclusive Creature from the Black Lagoon (that glows) and Frankenstein's monster, both from Jada Toys.

10. This took some hunting, but I found the Earth Day DC Funko, Black Orchid. This little-known hero first appeared back in the Bronze Age and has appeared more recently in Justice League Dark. A strange choice for Earth Day, but it's definitely unique.

11. And finally, we wrap up our massive Haul-a-thon-a-thon with Savage He-Man. No, I didn't really get it because it's He-Man. I, a fan of Kamandi, love picking up these savage heroes--a perfect add to my collection. It's not like McFarlane has a Kamandi figure coming out any time soon!


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