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Saturday Afternoon Haul - July 1, 2023

It's an unintended Star Trek Saturday!

Today's haul is a blast from the past direct from the twenty-fourth century! Before Playmates, there was Galoob who, for a short time, had the license to create figures based on Star Trek: The Next Generation. There were two waves of figures (although not all were produced), a Ferengi "fighter" and a Starfleet shuttlecraft, a type one phaser, and a die-cast Enterprise-D. Galoob missed the mark, both on the figures and their audience, and eventually dropped the license altogether. They made another go with Star Trek V: The Final Frontier figures with about the same results. The much more successful Trek outing were the Micro-Machine ships created in the mid-90's.

Having previously picked up Lt. Commander Data and Lt. Yar, I found Captain Picard, Commander Riker and Lt. Worf. The only Wave One figure I haven't found out on the hunt is Lt. LaForge.

Galoob TNG figures

But that's not all, Trekkies! We found some more vintage figures to add to our collection this week. First up is Counselor Deanna Troi in her later seasons jump suit. Next is Admiral James T. Kirk as he appeared in Star Trek: The Motion Picture (and one of the best-designed uniforms in that movie). And the last is Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's first officer Major Kira Nerys! One would hope that the variety that you see in these figures from the nineties would be replicated, even in a small way, with today's modern Trek releases from Playmates.

But wait, we're not done yet! He's not lost in the Delta Quadrant, he's right here! It's the 10-inch Commander Chakotay from Star Trek: Voyager! This was one of Playmates premiere Warp Factor lines in the 90's and produced some pretty accurate sculpts (considering the tech back then, compared to today's full body scanning ability). The clothes are cloth, but are a little less form-fitting than today's Exo-6 figures. But in a crunch, this'll do for me!

Chakotay Playmates figure


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