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Saturday Afternoon Haul - A Squish Monster, Super7 Pre-Code Horror, Halloween Kids and Marvel Horror Figures Spook up our Haul

This week's Saturday Afternoon toy haul features a Squish Monster, Super7 Pre-Code horror figures, two new Halloween Kids from Super7 and two Marvel Horror figures include Hallow's Eve and Jack O'Lantern.

The first figure is one of those unicorn products that you think may exist, have seen glimpses of it (in this case, in the background of a YouTube toy hunter's video), but you can ever find it in a store or online. But that all changed in the coffee aisle at Walmart. Yes, in the food section. There it was, hanging on the peg right next to the Folgers. Once I knew what the name and brand of the figure was, we found similar ones in the toy section, but no Frankenstein monsters (or Gre-gory, as he's called here).

Squish Monster Frankenstein

Super7 has released another way of their Pre-Code comic book horror figures, based on noteworthy covers. We picked up two of the four, but we'll likely get the other two, as well.

Super7 Pre-Code Horror comic figures

Super7 Pre-Code Horror comic figures back

I've heard criticism of the Halloween Kids line from Super7, but I love these figures. This time around there's a girl in a Metaluna Mutant costume and a kid dressed as The Worst's Captain Dreadstar. Both figures include a candy back or bucket.

Halloween Kids figures

Halloween Kids back

And finally, we had to pick up two horror-themed Marvel figures. One is the new Hallow's Even character from the Spider-Man line. The second is an older Marvel Legends figure called Jack O'Lantern. I'd never heard of this character before, but we love anything Halloween here at Cereal Creatures and he kind of reminds us of our own character Gourd Rotter!

Marvel horror figures


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