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A Star Trek First Contact Day Comic Featuring Pulaski's Brain!

Every year we celebrate the Star Trek's First Contact Day, the day Earth will make its first contact with the Vulcans: April 5, 2063 (at least in the world of Star Trek). This year, we brushed off our art skills and put together a digital mini-comic from Star Trek: The Next Generation's second season and featuring the great Diana Muldaur's Dr. Katherine Pulaski. An unsung character, I've come to like Pulaski and wish the powers-that-be had done more with the character: both during her time on the show and potentially in one of the follow up series. I tried to evoke the classic DC TNG comic from the 90's, along with the iconic cover art style of Pocket's novels in their heyday. It's a little bit of a Gene Roddenberry moral dilemma with a sci-fi twist. The mini-comic is a quick read, and I hope it enhances to your Star Trek Day!

Cover Art

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And coming this summer, a new feature at Cereal Creatures where look at covers of comic books we wish were made!

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