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It's a Ghostbusters Saturday Afternoon Haul

Continuing our Ghostbusters week, our Saturday afternoon toy and merch haul features the newly-released Extreme Ghostbusters DVD set, the Ecto-1, figurines and the only figure we've picked up from the Frozen Empire-themed toys.

I just learned that Sony was releasing Extreme Ghostbusters, the sequel series to The Real Ghostbusters that debuted in 1997. It had been listed previously, but removed without explanation. Then, just weeks before the release of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, the pre-order reappeared on Amazon. And I quickly swooped in to get my order in. And here it is!

Extreme Ghostbusters DVD

Extreme Ghostbusters DVD back

We've picked up all of the recent Ecto-1 toys including the re-release of the 80's version and the Afterlife version. Now, we couldn't pass up this year's Frozen Empire version! It even includes Slimer!

Ecto-1 from Frozen Empire

Ecto-1 back of box

This was a unique, unexpected pickup. These Eaglemoss figurines of the original Ghostbusters were approved by the filmmakers and digitally sculpted after our favorite boys in grey. I picked them up from a Master Replicas drop a few months ago, which meant they shipped from the UK. Well, Winston and Peter made it, but Ray and Egon were overcome by some ectoplasmic spookery at London Heathrow. Ray's arm and trap were broken and Egon's arm and PKE meter snapped. But after a bit of crazy glue shenanigans I was able to cross the streams and all is good now.

Ghostbusters figures

Ray and Egon figures

There were only four figures released from the Frozen Empire line of action figures: Grooberson and the Spengler family. So, I picked up Trevor, which includes Slimer.

Trevor and Slimer from Frozen Empire

Might there be more bustin' toys or collectibles on the horizon? We'll have to see!



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