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Updated: Oct 11, 2023

The age of monsters, marked by mad science and Nazi experimentation, is long behind us—with the exception of two young teenagers who were awakened from a long, long slumber. Kid Dracula and his Frankenstein monster-inspired friend, Soldier Spook, have teamed up as the less than formal duo of the Dracula Corps. Corps. Corpse. Get it?

But their hijinks has also been noticed by a secret government organization who needs their help. Drac and Soldier Spook are teamed up with a cybernetic sasquatch, a half-man, half-sea monster, and a wise-cracking boy you just can’t see most of the time (he can be invisible). Realizing they are all creations of a twisted science intended to mirror dark literary figures, the new team takes on the mission that only they can complete. But they soon find themselves in a place where no monster has gone before—on a secret, possibly extraterrestrial craft orbiting Earth! Why were they sent there, again? And what will they find? Hint—it’s much more monstrous than anything these teenage monsters could ever imagine!

Get ready for the classic monsters reimagined as teenage anti-heroes dropped into a mad science infused pulp noir world in the all-new series, Dracula Corps!

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