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On Halloween night, a hooded figure is rushed to a prison to be executed. The witnesses look on in fear as the midnight hour approaches. When the switch is thrown and a massive voltage surges through the prisoner’s body, the onlookers realize something has gone terribly wrong. An explosion at the prison is followed by so-called ghost lightning across the region resulting in a devastating power outage in Justice City and striking a young boy in an owl mask.

Years later, strange and eccentric criminals emerge from the shadows to terrorize the people of Justice City. With the police completely out of their element, a masked vigilante emerges to take on these villains, who are being called Serials. But who is this young avenger? And how do these new arrivals connect to similar, but most forgotten heroes and villains from nearly forty years ago?

Welcome to YOUNG WARD DARK, a bold new vision of heroes and villains. In this dark, pulp noir series, a young man forever changed one rainy October night must decide which mask to wear: one of a dark vigilante out for vengeance or something much worse that will define him as a monster.



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