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A Feature on DC Comics: Would You Read This? (part one)

I admit to being quite critical of DC Comics and their choices lately. Whether it's the outright pushing of characters no one cares about, the lack of use of legacy characters (like Tim Drake, of course) or the strange decisions with their publishing strategy, I'm a fan who is not always happy. So, I thought, 'what would I do if I could choose which DC titles the company would publish?' And that's what you'll find every day this week! I used by creative skills to make a fake cover and title for my favorite DC Universe characters! The question is--I would buy these comics if DC actually made them--would you?

1. Our first issue would be called Robin and Superboy: World's Finest. This would be a partnership between Tim Drake and Connor Kent on a special assignment for Batman and Superman. When alternate versions of supervillains start appearing through a rip in the multiverse, it's going to require a TimKon team-up to capture them and save the day!

2. Our second issue is a classic take on the Caped Crusader. I know there is a deluge of Batman material in the current DC Comics. What should surprise no one is that Batman sells and therefore DC continues to push out Batman material. But that doesn't mean there can't be different Batmen--and I don't mean changing his identity!

No, I would publish an ongoing monthly book called Batman: The Bronze Age. This book would feature out-of-continuity or pre-Crisis stories of the Batman (and Robin), but in the style of those classic Bronze age stories. In my fake cover below, I chose to throw in the Riddler design from "The Batman" movie along with some art design that homages the great Gene Colan, Jim Aparo, Don Newton and others!

3. I'm not afraid to admit that Robin is my favorite character--Tim Drake, in particular. Now, DC recently brought the Teen Titan's character "Red X" into the DC comics canon as part of the Teen Titans Academy series. To this day, I don't know who is behind the mask in that series.

But, since DC seems to want to take the Robin mantle away from Tim, why not give him the Red X mantle? In my fake story featured in Red X: Robin Evolved, Tim gives us the mantle of Robin after discovering a hidden superhero identity, that of Red X, that goes back to the beginning of the first superheroes of the DC Universe. Members of the JSA and even Batman and Superman are determined to keep the history of Red X hidden, but Tim is just as determined to find out what the secret origin of Red X really is and how it's revelation will send ripples throughout the DC Universe!

Do any of these sound like comics you would pick up? We've got a few more ideas to share, so stay tuned to Cereal Creatures for part two!


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