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Star Trek Saturday - March 9, 2022

We hope you enjoyed our First Contact Day free comic special on Tuesday! For today's Star Trek Saturday, we've packaged our first Star Trek fan comic "The Farthest Infinity" featuring the crew of the DS9 crew. Plus, we've got an all-new "cover" in the style of Pocket Books cover style from the '90's.

Before we get to the comic, here are a few insights into my creation process.

Why set it during DS9's third season?

This was the time during the TV show that DS9 could stand on its own. It was the short few months between The Next Generations ending, Generations appearing in theaters, and the launch of Voyager. Sisko had the Defiant and new foe in the form of the Dominion. This was the '90's when media, magazines and books were all top of their game and this seemed like a good time to set our story.

Why connect this to other Trek series/stories?

That was often an aspect in Trek novels. It's always easier to have a guest star from another Trek, even one from 60 years ago, when you only have to worry about words and pictures. I wanted to tie our fan comic into The Animated Series since our blog often features Saturday Morning cartoons. "Beyond the Farthest Star" is one of my favorite episodes and this was an opportunity to share my ideas for what had happened to that alien ship before Kirk encountered it. And given where we were at in the timeline, a pre-launch Voyager tie-in was pretty easy. Samantha Wildman was always a favorite character of mine, and her husband was on DS9 canonically, so it was easy to fit her in when we needed a science officer.

Why the Pocket Books-style covers?

If you ever experienced that rush as you walked, as quickly as possible, back to the books section of Waldenbooks, Barnes and Noble or Wal-Mart in the 1990's hoping that the latest Star Trek novel would be there to greet you, you'll understand why these designs mean so much in the form of nostalgia. You just don't get that today with the Internet and non-stop information flow. People know what a book or comics cover is going to look like a year in advance in some cases. The art on those TOS, TNG, DS9 and VOY novels was so good and can't be matched by what's coming out today. Our DS9 fan comic cover was inspired by the early DS9 Pocket covers and the First Contact Day fan comic cover was inspired by the'80's original series novels "Mutiny on the Enterprise" and "Deep Domain".

And now for our feature presentation!

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