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Saturday Afternoon Haul - Sunday Edition featuring Super7 Halloween!

Halloween is now just hours away and we're doing one more spooky-themed merch haul featuring Halloween Kids and a Metaluna Mutant Super Soapie! Get ready for some Super7 greatness!

Halloween Kids "Mummy Boy" and "The Fiend from Misfits"

Super7 continues to push out their incredible Halloween Kids themed figures. Featuring masked trick or treaters, each is shown wearing costumes fashioned after Super7 regulars "Mummy Boy" and "The Fiend" from Misfits (joining "Batula", pictured below). We've come to expect incredible artwork with these type of collectible figures and this release doesn't disappoint. The card shows a spooky scene with a sprawling tree, pumpkins, owl, bat and a haunted house with a stranger in the doorway--all something that you might see on a Halloween decoration in 1969.

Halloween Kids front

Halloween Kids back

Batula Halloween Kids

Metaluna Mutant Soapie - Halloween Edition

My favorite tangent Universal Monster, the Metaluna Mutant, is shown here in fiery Halloween orange, part of Super7's latest Super Soapies line of vintage-inspired 10" bubble bath-style bottles (these have bubbles you can blow, not bathe). It's right out of the 1960's and a perfect addition to your vintage or modern collection!

Metaluna Mutant Halloween Soapie

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