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Saturday Afternoon Haul September 3, 2022

The first visit to Spirit Halloween and a trip to a Target that is actually stocked pretty well gives us this haul.

  • The first up are the Batman '66 figures from McFarlane Toys. While I've been passing on the numerous variants released, two characters I had to have shoed up on shelves. Mr. Freeze portrayed here by Otto Preminger (Hmmm, I wonder if we'll be seeing versions of the two other actors that played the part?) And finally Catwoman... I did pass on the Eartha Kits version in hopes they would eventually do my personal favorite Catwoman... Julie Newmar. McFarlane didn't let me down. The figures like all others in the line look excellent, great sculpts and articulation.

  • The second Target purchase was the INVADER from the classic Twilight Zone episode The Invaders. I have wanted this little 3.75" scale figure for some time as I collected the previous releases form years back, however the prior releases from Bif Bang Pow have reached to some pretty hefty prices on the secondary market so I was surprised to find that Bif Bang Pow had re-released them.

  • For the first purchase at Spirit Halloween this year... the Texas Chainsaw Massacre "Leatherface" bobblehead! When I first saw this announced, I was intrigued. And it doesn't not disappoint. The sculpt and detail is quite impressive. If I had to nitpick one thing, it would be that the chainsaw itself is a rather muted, almost pastel green as opposed to the actual one he uses in the film and is featured on the outside of the box, a more vibrant yellowish/green. But as I said a minor nitpick. Considering the other exclusive bobblehead, Michael Myers.

  • The final pick up was something I had planned on purchasing last year and missed out. Fortunately, the iconic Camp Crystal Lake sign from Friday the 13th was available again this year. A damn good representation of the one from the film and made of a sturdy chip board material, this was something I wanted hanging in my office.


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