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Saturday Afternoon Haul, July 16, 2022: Wal-Mart Exclusives + SeaQuest

Our tiny haul this week features Wal-Mart Exclusives and I've added a few action figures from one of the 90's most exciting sci-fi shows.

First up, it's the SeaQuest crew! Described as underwater Star Trek, it had three seasons on NBC before being cancelled. Wait, where have I heard that story before? A whole blog post could go into the ups and downs and missteps behind the scenes or SeaQuest DSV and SeaQuest 2032 (it's third season reboot), but I really just wanted to show you the figures. Sadly, of all the actors represented here, only Stacy Haiduk (Lt. Cmdr. Hitchcock) is still with us. But SeaQuest was a great series (and I'd love to see it remade). You can watch all episodes on Peacock.

Now, from the Marvel and DC worlds come two Wal-Mart exclusive Funko Pops! The Spider-Man is from their MechStrike line, while Hawkman is from DC's upcoming movie Black Adam. I really don't know much about the MechStrike line from Marvel, this this Spider-Man looks great. I do know about Hawkman and in this new movie, he is part of the Justice Society, finally making their first appearance on the silver screen.

And finally, is the weirdest item. Yes, it's a Valentine's Day Batman: The Animated Series Funko Mystery Four-Pack. I'm guessing this was a victim of the supply chain issues and didn't make it's February debut as it just came out for the first time at my Wal-Mart. I don't know what's inside, but I'm going to go with plastic Bat-goodness instead of yummy chocolate.


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