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Saturday Afternoon Haul - July 10,2021

This haul is a bit of a playing catch up on my end. This is probably more over a couple months as opposed to a week.

The first addition to the collection is a piece I've had my eye on for quite some time and decided to finally pull the trigger on it. It's a 1960's King Kong Blow mold bank! Standing just under 17", this comes from a company most well known for their blow mold toys/banks... the AJ Renzi Corporation. Love the overall look of the piece and there is just something a little creepy about this big fellas face... definitely an eye catcher.

The second addition is something store related that I collect but rarely come across... so I was rather surprised to find this and in such great condition for its age. It's a GIBSON'S Discount Center branded "Camp Fuel" can. Uncertain of the year... I would say mid to late 60's? The graphics are quite stunning... I mean when if ever have you seen a fuel can look like this? It not only prominently displays the iconic Gibson's logo but also features Herbert R. Gibson Sr., the founder of the wholesale novelty company in 1936 and opened the first Gibson's Discount Center in Abilene, TX in the late 1950's. Very happy to have this in my collection.

The third and fourth are both vintage NICK AT NITE promotional items. The first a salt and pepper shaker set. Ceramic and hand painted this is a quirky little addition I was happy to get. (Note: there is also a matching television set cookie jar I wouldn't mind obtaining as well) The second is a Nick at Nite promotional Yo-Yo.

The next piece is possibly one of my favorites I've come across lately... a vintage T-rex blow mold coin bank. Sadly, I'm not quite sure of its history as there are no markings and the little bit of research I've been able to do hasn't really turned up much. I just love the look of this thing... such a child like, simple aesthetic to it. No paint whatsoever and a sticker for the teeth/mouth. Perfection.

A 1966 Tv series Batman vinyl bank from Diamond Select Toys. I don't really collect Batman memorabilia as a whole, as the only version I particularly care for is the Adam West portrayal, but being a fan of that series and film I thought this was a must have. Now to come across a Robin to complete the Dynamic Duo.

The sixth addition is a particular comic I've really just been waiting to see if I would ever come across in the wild, whether it be in the local comic store or antique mall... however I guess I got a little impatient. Issue 53 of STAR TREK (Whitman version, 1978). Easily my favorite cover from this specific series and up there in all time favorites. I mean it has the Enterprise crew battling mythological monsters, need I say more?

The following pick up is the recently released Quint 8" retro figure from JAWS. Unfortunately I don't think we are going to be seeing either of his companions anytime soon from NECA, as issues with licensing and likeness appear to have taken a bite out of those hopes and dreams.

The next pick up was kind of an impulse buy... a VHS for a superb film... Carnival of Souls. Set and filmed in Lawrence, KS (where I live) and Salt Lake City by director Herk Harvey in 1962, this is a must see film for classic horror fans. I have several other VHS versions however I had never seen this rather odd release with cover art that makes it feel more like an 80's pop album of sorts. Definitely unique, ha.

The final find is a vintage Ronald McDonald vinyl bank. I like to collect certain fast food collectables and this one caught my eye. Fun piece and in great condition.


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