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Saturday Afternoon Haul - Dec 9, 2023: A Universal Monsters Mystery

We're two months from October and the monsters are still on the loose. The monster toys, that is. We've got new figures to share including both the classic silver screen monsters and the first family of fright, The Munsters.

Our centerpiece this week is a real oddity. This is the 7" Legend Creation Frankenstein monster. Packaged in a unique, black slipcase the monsters comes with electrode artwork and base, an extra head sculpt, hand cuffs and extra hands. His threads are actual threads--clot--and he has all the joint of a prestige action figure.

The mystery--I've never heard of this figure before. A pickup from our favorite toy store, 1313 Mockingbird Lane in Lawrence, KS, this particular figure has never crossed our monster radar. A Bing search (yes, we're Microsoft fans) shows no results aside from a couple eBay auctions. The packaging has no copyright info, outside of the Universal stuff. It also has no Universal Monsters logos or branding that are common on most monster merch.

Frankenstein Legend Creation

Frankenstein full body

Legend Creation Frankenstein box

We move from Frankenstein to Dracula in this Head Knocker resin statue featuring Bela Lugosi's neck biter.

Bela Lugosi Dracula head banger

We take a detour from Monsters to Munsters with this black and white Super7 Eddie Munster.

Eddie Munster

Still Munsters, we have our second Rob Zombie Munster movie figure, Grandpa himself aka The Count. Aside from the strange mustache, Daniel Roebuck made for a good Al Lewis-inspired Dracula in the movie and NECA's sculpt is equally well cast.

Grandpa Munster The Count NECA

The Count Munsters

Bringing up the rear is our Target find of the week, a Body Knockers Frankenstein monster. Powered by a solar battery (hey, maybe that would work for a real Frankenstein), this figure rocks back and forth when exposed to sunlight. I don't think they make a Dracula version of the Body Knocker because he will combust.

Frankenstein Body Knocker


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