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Saturday Afternoon Haul - August 27, 2022

A DC and Marvel haul today starting with my favorite Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, including a 12" version from the Titan series and a smaller version. These two figures are from the upcoming feature Across the Spiderverse.

Moving on to DC, we got our hands (finally) on the new Super Powers figures. I picked up Batman, Superman and Green Lantern, but skipped Darkseid. My Wal-Mart had the Supermobile and the Batwing and while those looked great, I just don't have any way of displaying them. The look of these figures isn't bad and I hope they continue (and get them out a little faster). I mean, the original Super Powers had a Robin, right?

More DC, this time in the form of the lamented Page Punchers. Criticized for being a bad sculpt and overall bad figure, I can honestly say they're not wrong. And to top it off, the comic is yet another reprint of comics reprinted many, many times. I picked up Batman and Superman and while I appreciate the $10 price point, I think it would be better if these were unique in some way. Do a sculpt of something other than the same old Batman, Superman, Flash, etc. that we've got in a hundred different ways already. And make the comic unique--similar to the 100-page giants that Wal-Mart sold for a few years (those were so great!).

And finally, we got our first in-person looks at the Black Adam McFarlane figures. The local Wal-Mart had Black Adam, Dr. Fate, Atom Smasher and Hawkman, so I picked up the latter two. All of them look great and I may eventually pick the others up, as well. Surprisingly, they had none of the Spin Master figures available yet.


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