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Saturday Afternoon Haul - 9/11/2021

This week, we get the real feeling that the Halloween season is starting to brew! We've got our all-time favorite PSL's at Starbucks, a little nip in the fall morning air, the return of Monster Cereals, and yes, Jack O'Lanterns, ghosts and other spooks adorning store shelves. This week we picked up some more Universal Monsters in the form of Bendy Figures. They only had Frankenstein's monster and the Bride of Frankenstein, but I love the designs. Not quite Boris Karloff, but he looks great (as does the box art). Wal-Mart has their Halloween-esque designs for their horror DVD's again this year and I had to pick up Swamp Thing. To my surprise (and a little disappointment), it was the new Swamp Thing from DC Universe and not the old 90's series. I would think that series would be cheap to license and sell, but the green box art is great either way. And finally, our books this week include one of the few series with Harley Quinn that I like "Criminal Sanity". I love the Joker design in this, too. That would make a great HBO Max series. The second pickup is the Batman/Fortnite collection. I got this one from Amazon, but discovered Wal-Mart has their own exclusive (already on the shelf!) with an exclusive poster. And finally, in the wake of Star Trek Day, I had to get the Shipyards 2294 to the future book that includes the ships from Picard and the 31st Century Discovery adventures so far. That's it for this post, but stay tuned for a special extra Saturday Afternoon Haul as we show you some new Wal-Mart DC Comics!


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