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One More Comic Book Cover--Star Trek: Legacy

To continue voicing our desire for a Star Trek: Picard spin-off, I've put together one more "Picard Episodes as Comic Bok Covers" graphic. This time, we're doing an imaginary first episode of Star Trek: Legacy. I like the way Seven, Raffi and Jack all turned out, but I really like the Enterprise. I'll admit that this had me scratching my head a little after that poignant shutdown of the Enterprise-D, but after drawing it first as the Titan and again here, I'm sold. There is no reason a story beat can't put this Enterprise in the same technical glory as her predecessors. Sure, she's a little smaller, but she's an explorer. And maybe there's more that we don't know yet!

For this cover, I wanted to "tell a story" with just the artwork. In this case, you'll see the new Enterprise-G is under attack from what appears to be D'deridex-class Romulan Warbirds. But no! Sharp-eyed viewers will notice that these are Garidian Warbirds--a Romulan offshoot from the TNG video game "A Final Unity". In my headcanon, the Garidians were left in turmoil after the Hobus star went nova and a new conflict has drawn the Enterprise in to mediate a dispute. Things got out of hand and now Captain Seven and crew are being blamed for the current state of affairs! Can this new Enterprise prove herself in battle--or will she be the first victim of a never-ending conflict that sets the former Neutral Zone on fire?

(As you can tell, I like those old Pocket Books teasers!) Enjoy the artwork!


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