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Halloween in July! It's Wave 2 of Fright Rags Halloween figures!

It's 103 degrees and our favorite spooky holiday is months away. And while we long for the chill of a crisp fall morning, we can take some solace in the fact that the second wave of Fright Rags' 3" Halloween collectible figures have arrived! This time we got Sheriff Leigh Brackett, Annie Brackett and Dr. Samuel Loomis himself! The figures come in at $20 each and, as of this writing, are in stock at Fright Rags. You can pick both waves up now! The best part may be the packaging art by Cereal Creatures own Justin Osbourn. On the back of each figure is original vintage-style artwork and the opportunity to get a free pumpkin stencil kit. Just make sure you don't delay as the offer expires December 31, 1979.

Annie Brackett figure

Annie Brackett figure back card

Sheriff Bracket front card

Sheriff Brackett back card

Loomis front card

Loomis figure back card


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