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Who's Who in the Owlverse

We are excited to start 2022 with the launch of two new non-fiction titles! The first one, Who's Who in the Owlverse, is available now in digital and printed editions.

Who's Who in the Owlverse includes new, original artwork with high-quality profiles of each of our premier characters including the Night Cocks, Teen Satan, the Dead Offenders and more. We also included a listing of supporting characters that have crossed through our various comics series. The design of the book is an homage to DC Comic's "Who's Who" series from the late 1980's. A long time in the making, we're happy to be able to release it as our first. publication of the new year. Stay tuned for the second reference book, The Cover Art of Osbourn Draw Comic, which is in the final stages of publication. We'll share the highlights of that book when it's available and for now we know you'll enjoy Who's Who in the Owlverse in whichever format you prefer!


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