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Twisted Saturday Morning - Golden Girls High

The now-classic sitcom, The Golden Girls, was at the height of its popularity in the late 1980's. Itself unique in that featured four older women sharing a house in Miami, Florida, it would seem ripe for adaptation of some sort. While TV producers were certainly willing to take popular IP and turn them into Saturday morning cartoons, this was never considered with The Golden Girls--as far as I know. But had they done so, what would it have looked like? Well, let's assume kids of the day probably wouldn't be interested in an outright adaptation of four senior citizens--but they might like to see a take on those characters as high schoolers!

It's Dot, the brainy teacher's pet who always has a quick quip or smart remark.

Her best friend is the ditzy transfer student from St. Olaf High, Ro. She's happy-go-luck and always willing to share a tale from her hometown adventures.

The popular girl, especially among the athletes, is Blanche--but she prefers to be called Red. You can find her most Saturday nights at the local burger joint, The Rusty Anchor, usually with this week's latest boyfriend.

And finally, you'll find Dot's ma, Sophia. She's hip and old-fashioned all in one snarky package. But she's back in school full time to earn the degree that she never got back in Sicily.

Together these four make an unlikely pack of friends that will have them sailing through wacky teenage adventures and forming a friendship that could last until they're old and grey!

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