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Star Trek Saturday - January 8, 2022

We're starting off 2022 with an exciting new feature on Cereal Creatures that we're calling Star Trek Saturdays. Each week, we'll be delivering a comic strip and artwork set in the vast Star Trek universe. While we champion our growing number of original characters, I always have a thing for dabbling in the Star Trek universe. Having drawn literally thousands of Star Trek characters and stories in the world of fan fiction many years ago, it feels at home when I draw Captain Picard, Captain Janeway or Mr. Spock. In considering our feature here, I had to go back to the heyday of the 90's when I was fully immersed in Trek. I love those comics put out by DC, Malibu and later Marvel. Between those books and The X-Files, I was in comics tie-in heaven! To kick off our weekly feature, I decided tell a story within the framework of Deep Space Nine's third season. This was, for a brief time, the only time DS9 was airing without another series alongside it. The creators had added the Defiant to the mix and shaken up the status quo with the introduction of the new bad guys, the Dominion. As a special bonus, here are the first THREE pages of our little strip!

Don't forget to come back next weekend for the second chapter of "The Farthest Infinity" and thanks for reading!


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