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Saturday Afternoon Haul - One good, one meh from Gotham City

This week I picked up two new action figure packs featuring members of the Bat family. Both are from Spin Master and collections/variants of existing figures. The first, and the definite winner, is the 4-inch, Target-exclusive Metal Tech figures featuring Batman, Robin (Damian), Batgirl, Nightwing, and Talon (cool!), plus the Batcycle and an ATV. Each on is a similar design, but with a blue-ish, glossy coating.

The second pick-up is from Spin Master's 12-in DC line featuring Batman, Robin (again, Damian), Joker, and Riddler. Figures are identical to their individual versions, just in a 4-pack. And that's the problem. When ordered, this wasn't the line-up that was shown. It appeared to include Batman (in a Batman 89-esque all black suit), Robin (Tim Drake-inspired suit), Copperhead, and Talon. Yes, I pick up anything with the Owl villain. The figures I got looked fine, but they weren't what I wanted. In looking closer, there's also a version that includes Harley Quinn, too.

Both show the fine sculpts and painting of their respective lines, but the 4-in Metal Tech versions capture the uniqueness factor and are by far the better part of the haul.


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