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Saturday Afternoon Haul - June 26, 2021

Our first official haul for the new blog had us discover a plethora of new things. A couple weeks in one, we have a multiverse of properties represented!

Batman Beyond DC Multiverse - This was an Internet haul, but I've been wanted this guy for awhile. I love the McFarlane figures and if I find another Batman Beyond in store, I'll definitely grab it--otherwise, Terry stays in the box.

Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit 1:6 Hot Toys Figure - This was an impulse buy, but like Batman Beyond, I'm a fan of the futuristic Spider-Man. This figure looks great and is highly posable.

Marvel Legends 3.75" - Hulk, Iceman, Spider-Man and Daredevil were all Target and Wal-Mart hunts. Great retro packaging and decent sculpts. I'm hit and miss on Marvel, so I collect the figures I like, but I hope to find The Human Torch, too.

Q - The new wave of Star Trek: The Next Generation Megos look great. I was able to pick up Captain Picard, but haven't found Data. Adorned in his courtroom robe, this figure is particularly unique considering Q will appear in the 2nd season of Star Trek: Picard!

Comics - I'm a proponent of getting more comics in Wal-Mart. These are mostly just reprints (I keep them in the package), but I'm happy to grab whatever looks interesting. These are heavy on Future State and, as a fan of that event, I've already got at least one copy of most of these issues. I'm happy to grab new Nightwing, too!

Graphic Novels - This weeks graphic novels were Batman heavy with the 3rd volume of Year One, the first Future State collection (it's massive), and the latest collection of James Tynion IV's excellent, continuing run with Batman: Ghost Stories. Alternate Spider-Men are represented with the new Miles Morales young readers graphic novel and a collection of Spider-Man 2099 stories from a few years back.


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