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Saturday Afternoon Haul - February 19, 2022

We've got a little bit of everything for our late February haul! From Universal Monsters to The X-Files to a super rare Spin Master Robin--it's been a great week to get in a few things I've wanted for a while now, plus a few things I didn't know I needed until I saw them!

1. I'm a sucker for the Universal Monsters and I had to have this version of Frankenstein's monster decked out in retro Halloween costume vibrant colors. I couldn't find any photos of exactly which costumes these are based on, but the look of the packaging and the artwork was the final selling point for me!

2. Super Soapies from Super7. Featuring Frankenstein's Monster and the Metaluna Mutant, these 10" plastic bottles reminiscent of the 1960's soap bottles have a soapy solution inside for blowing bubbles. And yes, they glow in the dark! Super7 was sold out of the Creature from the Black Lagoon (and they also have the Wolf Man), but I'm happy with how these two look on my desk!

3. How can you start the year without the Universal Monsters? I found this calendar online and it shipped all the way from Australia!

4. From the monsters to the distant future of Star Trek! This is the newly updated U.S.S. Discovery, NCC-1031-A, from the third and fourth seasons of the TV show direct from Eaglemoss.

5. I picked up the latest Green Hornet graphic novel. I really like the coloring and artwork, which helps to sell the noir angle of the classic crimefighter.

6. I started but never finished these original X-Files audio dramas actually starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson when they first appeared on Audible. From what I could tell, Audible no longer has the license to serve them, but Amazon did have them available as MP3 CD's. Fearing they may go out of stock forever, I picked them up now. As I recall they are based on the IDW comic series, but who isn't up for more X-Files with the actual voices of Mulder and Scully?

7. Another Super7 pickup, this is the Boodega, a coloring book based on the Universal Monsters. I had one from the early 90's from Golden, but I think that is now in possession of our blog partner, Slasher Design.

8. I'm not a huge Spider fan, but I've always liked the Spider-Man 2099 design. When Hasbro released these 90's retro packaging figures, I knew I had to have this one.

9. And our final figure for this haul is Robin, from the Spin Master line. This is the super rare red see-through version. I've never found him in stores, so this was an online purchase, but it's definitely worth it! And yes, from a few posts ago, this is Tim Drake. It's a Red Robin, after all!


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