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REVIEW: We Are Scarlet Twilight #1

At OD Comics, we try to back a couple crowd-funded comics every year and the first one I chose was a winner. We Are Scarlet Twilight is the first in a series that starts with the adventures of superhero Captain Lancet firmly rooted in the golden age era of the 1930's. The art is amazingly proper to fit the era with flourishes of art deco architecture and high pulp class. The story sees the hero investigate a vampire cult, which culminates in a turn of events that sets up what author Benjamin Morse calls a cyberpunk dystopia. As the story unfolds, keen comic readers will likely anticipate the story beats, including the proverbial reveal of the villain. However, just as you might feel a formulaic pacing set in, your jaw will be sent to the floor with a shocking reveal about Captain Lancet--which we won't spoil here. And then it happens again as the issue ends on a cliffhanger. If your preferences harken back to the golden, or even silver and bronze eras of comics--stylistically or storytelling-wise--this is a comic that you're going to want to add to your crowdfunding watch.

Printing duties are ably handled by Ka-Blam (a vendor we've used!) and the paper is glossy goodness with vibrant colors and top of the line construction. I opted for both cover options with the standard possibly edging out the retro variant.

We Are Scarlet Twilight #1 is a great start to the series. My only complaint is that I can't pick up the next issue in a month! Hopefully, the next entry isn't too far away and if creator Benjamin Morse follows up with a second Kickstarter, you can count on OD Comics available for a second backing . For readers who didn't get in on the the Kickstarter, we'll see if there's a future opportunity to pick up a copy of the first issue or a future trade compilation.


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