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New Release: The Cover Art of Osbourn Draw Comics hardcover

We're excited to finally have our new prestige format art book in hand! The hardcover book feels really well-put together. The color is vivid and the artwork pops off the page. A lot of work went into this book--including many different revisions and the final product is very much worth the effort! The Cover Art of Osbourn Draw Comics features never-before-seen art and comics that were never published from our various tentpole characters like Teen Satan, Night Cocks, and the Dead Offenders. The books is available exclusively from Amazon and it's part of their new hardcover printing service, which means it will take 3-4 weeks to ship. We have no plans of doing a paperback edition. We're are, however, working with Amazon to get a digital version out. But if you like the feel of having a nice hardcover book in your hand you won't be disappointed if you pick up the printed edition!


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