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Dead Defenders in the Atomic Age #1

What would make a real-life superhero? Some say it’s a dark, tragic past. Other say it’s the desire to bring justice to an unjust world. Maybe it’s the wonderous gadgets or a big bank account. Or maybe it’s simply the best superhero is a monster!

In this reimagining of the Green Owl/Night Cock story, a former serial killer named Jason Bronze was genetically modified to be a ruthless soldier by both the Allies and the Nazis in World War 2. Now, years later an uneasy alliance between Justice City’s police department and the city’s organized crime lords sees the two enemies join forces to unleash Jason as a theatrical superhero to clean up the uncontrollable supervillains who have mysteriously started to emerge. But both sides couldn’t have imagined what they set free when this new Owl vigilante turns on them, as well. When an unknown force strikes the Owl down, will it be game over for justice? Or has it only set a series of actions in motion that will result in the resurrection of an even more dangerous force—one that has roots in the very mad science that once reformed a serial killer and may now be the only thing that can cause him to rise from the ashes!

DEAD OFFENDERS: IN THE ATOMIC AGE tells a tale that begins in the waning days of the second world war and ends in the mad science and monster era of the late 1970’s. From space age sci-fi to superhero adventures to outright horror, this giant-size comic has it all! If you like a pulp noir setting wrapped in the burnt red and orange hues that bathe the bronze age in nostalgic excellence, this is the book for you! Then, in a backup story, you’ll meet a boy who went missing in those innocent days when children played in the yard from dawn to dusk and everyone left their doors unlocked. But when young Martin Reilly disappears, then reappears nearly two decades later you’ll see how that same innocence is forever lost—and in its place there emerges a monster!

It’s horror meets sci-fi in these pair of mid-century tales with a hint of pulp noir and bronze age optimism in the perfect blend that delivers a great comic that could’ve come from that bygone era. Don’t miss TEENAGE MONSTERS: IN THE ATOMIC AGE!


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