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Cereal Review: Boo Berry

I'm not a cereal eater. So when I review these Monster cereals, this will be the first time I've had them. Interestingly, the one I've heard the best things about is General Mills Boo Berry. Represented by a blue ghost and hitting grocery store shelves for the first time in 1973, this berry-flavored breakfast delight was the one that I had really high hopes for. But alas, I wasn't terribly impressed. I had hoped for a tangy, fruity taste, but I found both the cereal and the marshmallows rather bland tasting. The marshmallows weren't horrible, but had no punch, just sugary sweet. This specter is supposed to be the ghost with the most, but he's pretty lacking in flavor.

As far as presentation, the box is very spartan, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I picked up mine from Target, which is the only place that has them in my area. This is the "family size", so if they release regular-sized boxes, they may have a different design. This box, aside from the Monster Mash logo, has a very 70's feeling (also not a bad thing at all).

If you're not a Saturday morning cereal connoisseur, then I encourage you to try them out for yourself. You might just find this cereal creature to your liking!

The Verdict:

Cereal: 2/5

Box Design: 4/5

More Ghoulish Goodness to Come!

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