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Art Drop - Forgotten DC Characters - Red Robin, Sideways, I, Vampire and Bunker

The new DCU movie universe may be a few years away and we know a few lesser-known characters are expected to appear. But, what about all the characters who are rarely ever used in the comics, let alone any movies? That was the theme for today's art drop. Sure, Tim Drake finally got a live action adaptation on DC's Titans played by Jay Lycurgo. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for our other characters.

Andrew Bennett is DC's resident blood sucker better known as I, Vampire. While this is the older (600 years old but looks 20) version that first appeared as part of the New 52 launch, the character of Andrew Bennett actually first appeared in 1981.

Miguel Barragan is Bunker who has the ability to create bricks or brick walls and wield powerful fists. He first appeared alongside Tim Drake and the other reimagined Teen Titans in that title's New 52 launch.

Derek James is Sideways who has the power to travel through rifts in space-time. He first appeared as part of the Dark Knights: Metal event but got his own series in the underrated "New Age of DC Heroes" line.

And finally, I did a slight update to Tim Drake's Red Robin suit and added a little bit of the cowl that still leaves his dark locks exposed.

Who are your favorite DC characters that likely won't get the DCU treatment?

Red Robin, Bunker, Sideways and Andrew Bennett


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