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Teenage Monsters in the Atomic Age

In the many years since Bram Stoker unleashed the character of Dracula on the world, there have been numerous incarnations of the blood sucker from the silver screen to Halloween caricatures to pages of our beloved medium of comics. In this all-new tale, we’re moving beyond the Count to those left behind after he is no more. Meet Dorian who has been trained by a man calling himself Dracula to be a skilled crimefighter. But when his mentor is killed in a climactic battle, Dorian must follow a rigid protocol and erase all evidence that the vampire master ever existed. Now, old enemies are coming out of the woodwork—including a mysterious detective who has come to investigate a series of murders that look like the work of the undead. But Dorian is caught between the wishes of his late mentor, a council of former vampires and his own legacy—one that could uncover the truth about what he really is. And that revelation could go all the back to the epitome of vampire lore and for Dorian, the understanding of what it means to be a TEENAGE DRACULA!

Then, in a backup story, you’ll meet a boy who went missing in those innocent days when children played in the yard from dawn to dusk and everyone left their doors unlocked. But when young Martin Reilly disappears, then reappears nearly two decades later you’ll see how that same innocence is forever lost—and in its place there emerges a monster!

It’s horror meets sci-fi in these pair of mid-century tales with a hint of pulp noir and bronze age optimism in the perfect blend that delivers a great comic that could’ve come from that bygone era. Don’t miss TEENAGE MONSTERS: IN THE ATOMIC AGE!


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