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Saturday Afternoon Haul February 5, 2022

The first in this weeks Haul is one I was really happy to add to the collection. Released in the 1980s by Belco Lights Corp., this spooky light up Haunted House was one of my favorite Halloween decorations as a kid. I remember being in awe by the artwork of all of the ghoulish and ghastly figures on the outside and always wondered what must be going on inside that little house. Not the original one I grew up with, (Gee, I wonder where that could be?) but having this one will do. Now to find what I assume is ultra rare... one that is still packaged.

The second addition is a set of the new Universal Monsters "Reaction" toy line by Super 7. Utilizing the same sculpts as previous versions of the characters, this incarnation features awesome Ben Cooper costume style box/artwork and glow in the dark feature. In this set... the Mummy is probably my personal favorite.

This little group of pick-ups feature a few finds at the local antique mall and a couple at 1313 Mockingbird Lane toy store. The first is a "mostly still together" package of vintage food/fruit pencil toppers. I remember having a few of these as a kid and their simplistic, goofy look were to much to pass up. The next item is a thimble... yes, a thimble. No I don't usually by sewing related items, however this one featured advertising from a store that when I do come across I usually don't pass up... WOOLWORTHS. Next, a pack of The Real Ghostbusters stickers from Panini. I don't recall ever having or even knowing of these as a kid, so I figured I better get at least one pack. And finally, a couple of toy store pick ups... McDonaldland character, Mayor McCheese from HuckleBerry Toys. Made to mimic the Remco released figures of the 1980s.


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