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Happy Star Trek Day! Plus Original Fan Art!

We're celebrating Star Trek Day with original fan art! It began 57 years ago when a starship captain and his crew had an encounter with a salt vampire! Now, nearly 900 episodes, 13 and counting movies and numerous comics, novels and more have told the tales of multiple generations of Starfleet heroes culminating in this year's incredible return of the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise-D, the appearances of Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Seven of Nine, Neelix, the Doctor and the glimpse of a new U.S.S. Voyager, and of course new adventures of the classic NCC-1701 under Captain Pike that pulled off a crossover with an animated Trek show. And let's not forget about IDW's bold take on Trek comics featuring a TNG-era, post-VOY epic crossover in TWO ONGOING titles, Star Trek and Star Trek: Defiant (when was the last time Star Trek comics had an ongoing series? 1996, maybe). And they've done Strange New Worlds, Picard, The Motion Picture and Lower Decks mini-series along the way. You can certainly get your Star Trek fix in 2023!

Two items of note--the Hollywood strikes are still ongoing, so let's keep those who make these shows in our minds as we celebrate all the work that has come before. And for us STAR TREK: PRODIGY fans, continue to encourage Paramount to work out a deal that will bring us the second season (and more). After the original series letter writing campaigns and Enterprise fan outrage, Paramount shouldn't be surprised that cancelling a Star Trek series would go over like a rainy day on Risa.

And here's our fan contributions to celebrate Star Trek Day! I think we all want a Star Trek: Legacy series featuring the Enterprise-G. But the one downside to Star Trek: Picard's third season is that we didn't see Jean-Luc's dashing young protege who became the first Romulan to join Starfleet. Yes, we would like to see a comic called STAR TREK: ELNOR! (And just to show you it could work, here's our fake cover with a little nod to a Marvel Trek crossover comic storyline in the 90's called "The Telepathy War"! )

Star Trek: Elnor fake comic cover!

I didn't want to leave The Next Generation out after such a spectacular year, so here's a TNG reimagining of a classic Gold Key comic cover. Happy Star Trek Day!

Star Trek The Next Generation Gold Key Fake Comic

Happy Star Trek Day!


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